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Jaimie L. Adler-Palter

A seasoned professional who began her career in public relations and event management for educational institutions, restaurants, travel destinations, and consumer product launches, Jaimie started Bayleaf Communications, Inc. in 2000 to fill a need she saw for powerful and effective public relations for smaller restaurant, non-profit and lifestyle clients.

Growing up in the food industry and an ardent devotee of popular culture and the arts, Jaimie has a sixth sense about what’s hot—not only in the food/restaurant industry, but in many other fields as well—and her ability to generate exciting ideas has gained her the respect of her peers. Able to think quickly on her feet and pitch an idea with the best of them, Jaimie is an invaluable asset to her clients. Cutting edge concepts and creative ideas are what set her apart from the rest of the pack, and her skill creating and planning stellar events paired with her knack for clear and powerful writing makes her a natural publicist.


By keeping her finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the media, Jaimie is able to leverage her close network of contacts to take advantage of existing story opportunities for her clients or create new ones by pitching ideas that are creative and appealing. She also has a gift for getting the most out of her clients’ budgets, finding the most effective way to get coverage on a shoe string.


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Tailored Services

Public Relations agencies promote companies or individuals using editorial coverage. This “free” or “earned” media coverage appears on websites and TV shows or in newspapers and magazines. This coverage promotes the company or individual as exciting, relevant, honest, and successful to drive business growth and increase your client base.


  • Public & Media Relations

  • Event Development & Implementation

  • Grand Opening Receptions

  • Print, Broadcast, & Electronic Media Placement

  • Image Enhancement

  • Strategic Marketing Plans

  • Market Research

  • Media Kits

  • Product Launches

  • Product Promotion


“Jaimie Adler truly knows her industry...she has reached out to literally hundreds of leads, getting our product needed visibility on blogs and in magazines..”

Sarah Chalos

Owner, i heart keenwah


BYOB Seminar

A customized seminar to put you in control of your business needs. Each seminar component is one-hour session with you or your team members. Take your business to the next level today!


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